NGTI a Training Culture of Team, Character and Process

Better Training Culture, Better Process - Better Results!

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Summer Training - 2021

Join Team NGTI for Summer Training. We offer only small impact group training to ensure performance development. Each training group work closely with a High Performance Team coach. We do not offer big groups in order to make quality of coaching for each player a priority. Click here to request further information.

Training Culture
​Finding the Right Training Environment for your Tennis Development

The Right Training Culture is key to improvement and winning consistently in competition. Your process needs more than a good coach, it needs a training culture & environment that allows for progressive and continual improvement.

NGTI is a tennis training program whose mission is to help guide competitive players towards their maximum potential as athletes and individuals both on and off the court. Tennis is a fantastic sport for building character, at NGTI we shape our players to become complete competitors reflecting respect, hard work, mental toughness, resilience and the ability to problem-solve.

"We strive to develop leaders in life that'll become champions on court, there is no separating the two"
Tennis is About Mindset!

The Champion's Code - find a champion's mindset and you'll discover your potential...

"But it ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward." - Rocky

NGTI Training Programs

Come  get tournament ready and join team NGTI in 2021 for Tournament Prep Camps or Summer training. Think college tennis atmosphere where players support each other to improve as part of a team. 


Train in our Full-Time program where all aspects of your development are catered for to enhance you personalized growth as a competitor. This program is for you, only if you are performance minded.


Travel with our team to US and or ITF tournaments around the world where our coaching team's assistance will help you find tactical effectiveness to move up the rankings.


We offer, small impact groups, Taylor-Made and Private tennis sessions for your personalized improvement. We have an experienced and successful teams to choose from for guidance - Team 40-15 / Team Bale / Team Tom

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NGTI Small Training Group / Teams Focus  
- No one falls through the cracks!

Team NGTI's focus on fewer players per coach's training team is a big step forward for any player's individualized development. Unlike academies we only accept a few players who meet a strict personal and tennis professional level of standards in order to be accepted  in to a coach's  team/program. Click info to find out more about our Training Teams available under the guidance of internationally accredited coaches.