Training Program

NGTI will help you elevate your game through our training program structured to accommodate your personalized development. In group training you will develop the commonalities and core skills with the  right exposure to develop the necessary skills found amongst professional competitors.


Our Coaching team believe that traveling with players to tournaments further assists and allow us to help you with your process and have a better overview of what you need to succeed. NGTI sends travel coaches to Professional, ITF, National and regional tournaments.


We are a team, not an academy, we create an enhance a team culture and environment in which we work together at becoming champions on and off the court through both character and game development. Stronger together!

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Coaching Team

Our Coaching team has a proud and proven track record of producing top players. Collectively our team is highly educated through having received coaching accreditations both internationally and in the US. 


The team is well experienced, our coaches have produced champions since 2001, the team furthermore calls on their past playing experience to provide a wholistic and complete approach to player development.

Each full time player in the program has their own Development Counselor that oversees their development. The Development counselor together with the player, parents and other coaches form a team where all understand their individual accountabilities for competitor growth.


Under the guidance of our coaching team our players have achieved success at several National, ITF junior and through all the way to the top ranks of professional tennis on both the ATP and WTA circuits.

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Summer Program 2021

Come join team NGTI in 2021 for our Summer Performance training program. Summer training with NGTI brings you a competitive team format, which is a vital reprieve from the individual environment the players are used to. Think college tennis atmosphere where players support each other to improve individually and as part of a team.


Summer training with us is the ideal way to get tournament ready and leap your game forward in a short period of time. Camps provide players with extensive stroke reputation, tactical training, point and match play.


We travel to several tournaments over summer as a team where players receive further assistance and support from the coaching team in their tactical development.

At NGTI competitor mindsets improve with the tactical, physical, competitive and team culture environment we create at camp.

Reserve your spot early, limited sports available for Summer 2021

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Team Weekend Camps

NGTI Team Weekend Competitive Camps provide players the opportunity to get together with different players and train, compete as a team to get tournament ready. Camps are mostly two day camps several times a year leading in to bigger tournaments the next weekend.


Theme's for camp will vary but always incorporate the mindset, mental/

emotional training, shot tolerance and tactical aspects to achieve competition readiness.

Players are split in to two to four teams, teams are expected to train and compete for themselves contributing to their team's overall score.Teams receive team shirts and caps to bring about a culture of working hard and that of fighting together. Team Points are given for quality of process in training while in matchplay competitors are asked to find effective under pressure on the scoreboard. 

Extensive morning training sessions will be based around the core skills and commonalities of the modern game, followed by fitness and a recovery session. Afternoons will see both themed & regular matchplay. Sunday late afternoon brings  camp to a close with prize giving, snacks and social the between teams, coaches and parents.

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