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Team NGTI is proud of the collective knowledge, wisdom ad experience that we offer trough our Team Impact Network of experienced Coaches and Service providers. Together we are able to provide under the NGTI umbrella a collection of quality services, these provided to you by separate and trusted high level providers. All of which must meet the NGTI quality standards of the service they provide. Together we are able to offer our players more variety of environment in assisting with holistic and complete development.

We stand for Integrity and quality of service and together are stronger as a team in providing competitors with everything they need to max out their abilities. Coaches and Service providers work together to help the athlete through a bigger reach and unlike academies you will not get lost in the system. You get to work with your choice of provider but still benefit in sharing in all providers and services available within the network.

Impact Network Team

Tennis Training Network
Werner Venter

Mental Coach & Taylor-Made Training

Become part of a High Performance select few competitors. This Taylor Made program only for performance minded full time competitors. Coach Werner is internationally achieved and experienced and a Mental Coach.

NGTI & 40-15 PTM
Marc Slama

ITF Touring & Taylor-Made Training

Coach Marc, will provide you with junior international touring through his Taylor-Made program with a select few competitors. A program for aspiring champions under proven and experience coaching guidance.

NGTI & Slama Sports
Lan Bale

Academy & Private Training

Coach Lan can help players develop through both his coaching experience and experience of having been a World Class ATP Player. Train with his privately or in the Academy Program and see your game grow fast.

Lan Bale & NGTI
Ronan McKeever

Academy & Private Training

Coach Ronan will guide young players with his knowledge of Tennis Development and Fitness. Take group or Private training to bring you up to speed with tournament play and grow complete skills. If you are looking to improve fast then Coach Ronan is for you.

Ronan TF & NGTI
Yevgeniy Kolomiyets

Academy & Private Training

Coach Yev takes pride in the Knowledge he brings to the Court and his experience. Train with coach Yev and develop a greater awareness for Tennis Tactics. 

Stanford Boster

Pro Division & Taylor-Made Training

Train with coach Stanford in his Pro Training Program. He has vast experience in developing aspiring tennis players to become professionals. This is a Taylor-Made Training and Touring Program.

Boster Sports Management
José Tenorio

Private, Academy & 10's Tennis Training

Coach Tenorio provides young players with a high energy & healthy environment. He is well experienced in advancing very young players to be well competent technically, physically and tactically. Coach José's record speaks for itself.

Tenorio Tennis & NGTI
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