NGTI Digital Interactive Classroom Tennis
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We have seen the importance of mindset so often when it comes to developing aspiring tennis competitors.

The main difference between a competitor and a tennis player comes down to clarity of mind, knowledge and grit when facing pressure in the competitive arena.

With our Interactive online classes and or private sessions we offer athletes the opportunity to become students of the game and grow cerebrally. 

Collectively our coaches share a wide range of knowledge and experience in their sessions. These cover all key fields in the field of Tennis Development: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental Emotional.

Total Tennis

Total Tennis provides the competitor with insights in to Life on Tour, advice from leading coaches and players and discussions surrounding personal development and the importance of wholistic development. a Wide range of topics ranging from training methods and systems, self management of development, goal setting, parents and team support. 

Class Times: See Schedule

Days: Monday to Friday 

Single Session: $25 Single Sessions 

Weekly Sign-up: $110 

Monthly Sign-up: $400

Technical Development

Improve your Technique and make sure you are using the right biomechanics when producing your strokes. Technical sessions will be private and interactive sessions through the video analysis of your strokes by our team who then in return supply you with an analysis and voice over video placed in your tennis Technical Locker.


Private Sessions: Times Scheduled 

Single Private Session: $120 (1 Sessions) 

Weekly Private Sign-up: $220  (2 Sessions)

Monthly Private Sign-up: $800 (8 Sessions)

Mindset Matters

Mindset Matters - Everything starts with mindset, group sessions will help you develop and enhance your awareness for problem solving and self management. Start thinking like a champion and the actions will follow. 

Individualized sessions will furthermore provide help from the counselor with your specific areas needing adjustment and or growth.

The Champions Code Course will take the athlete through a 6-10 week course of the core fundamentals required for competitors to succeed in competition.

Group Class Times: See Class Schedule 

Days: Monday to Friday

Private Sessions: Scheduled 

Single Group Session: $25  x1 Sessions 

Weekly Group Sign-up: $110 

Monthly Group Sign-up: $400

Private Session: $110

Champions Code Course: $650-$1000

Talking Tactics

Talking Tactics  - Knowledge is power, let us help place the information in your awareness field to assist with the management of your strategical growth as a competitor, help you learn to profile opponents and further more enhance your problem solving ability.

Class Times: See Class Schedule 

Days: Monday to Friday 

Single Session: $25 Single Sessions 

Weekly Sign-up: $110 

Monthly Sign-up: $400

April Online Packages 

Sign up for the month of April, for either 50 or 20 classes. Sessions must be used during the month of April, allowing you access to classrooms one through four. Classrooms will cover sessions on Total Tennis, Talking Tactics, Mindset Matters and Being Physical sessions. 


Class Times: See Online Schedule

50 Sessions: $1000 (April Sessions) 

20 Sessions: $400 (April Sessions)