Ronan McKeever

Private, Academy & Tennis Fitness Coaching

Young up and coming Coach Ronan created Ronan Tennis & Fitness program to channel his desire to develop young competitors to the max of their ability. Ronan was inspired through his journey as a competitor which became his passion after coaching with and having spent time with PTR Coaches and Specialist Speakers (Professional Tennis Registry)   


During his time working as a coach Ronan has seen a great need for real facts among all the noise in the current tennis environment. "There are so many coaches and parents who want their players/kids to be the best, but with so many coaches out there which one do you listen to? So Ronan acted by creating a  training program that'll  help players get real results from their time spent preparing.

Coach Ronan is a true Student of the game and will impart his knowledge to his students in every session, his energy and approach is unique and helps to create positive environments geared towards constant growth.

Training Services

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NGTI Impact Network

Team NGTI is proud of the collective knowledge, wisdom ad experience that we offer trough our Team Impact Network of experienced Coaches and Service providers. Together we are able to provide under the NGTI umbrella a collection of quality services, these provided to you by separate and trusted high level providers. All of which must meet the NGTI quality standards of the service they provide. Together we are able to offer our players more variety of environment in assisting with holistic development.

We stand for Integrity and quality of service and are stronger as a team in providing you with everything you need to max out as a competitor. Coaches and Service providers work together to help the athlete through a bigger reach and unlike academies you will not get lost in the system. You get to work with your choice of provider but still benefit in sharing in all providers and services available within the network.