Summer & Camp Training
Summer Camp 
Jun 7- Aug 13

7:30   Warm up (Physical and Team Game)

8:00   Mindset Talk

8:30   Group Training (Building points and             Transitioning)                   

10.00-12.00pm   Break 

12:00  Talking Tactics

12:30  Competitive Practice (Themed                      Points and Set Play)

13:15  Team Competition(Regular & Impact             Matches)

14:00   Stretching and Recovery

14:30   Parent Pick-up


Please Bring the following:

Lunch, jump rope, elastic band, towel or exercise mat and both black and white shorts/skirts if you have

Spring Camp 
15-19 March

Typical Camp Day

8.00am     Warm-up / Team Game

8.30am     Mindset Matters Talk

8.45am     Stroke Production Practice

10.30am   Talking Tactics Discussion

11.00am   Tactical Practice Session

12.00pm   Lunch Break

1.30pm     First Phase Practice Session

2.00pm    Team Point & Match-play

3.30pm    Recovery Session  

4.00pm    Player Pick-up

* Wednesday of Camp Week will finish after morning practice, afternoon for self recovery.

* Friday will finish at 5pm with camp closing function and prize-giving.

About Summer 2021

Come join Team NGTI for a great experience and step up your game with the support of a team under the guidance of high performance coaches. Summer training or Camps with us will provide you with a positive, focused and hard working environment and sharpen up your tactical approach to competing.

2021 Summer Performance Training & Camp - June 8th to August 15th 

High performance training will be focused on Competition efficiency. Emphasis on shot discipline, tactical awareness, point construction together with the mental skills and mindset necessary to compete.

Summer Camp will provide players with lots of opportunity to groove strokes, point and match play in a healthy environment with a culture of working hard together with a key focus of character development.

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Tournament Prep Camps

Join Team NGTI for the next high energy, hard working and fun team prep camp that'll help you get tournament ready. 

Next Camp

Spring Camp: March 15th-19th

Camp Entries Close: March 1st

Summer Training 2021

Train with NGTI high performance or camp programs. Get ready for National Clay Courts and other important USTA tournaments. Camp program alternatively will see you improve while having fun as part of a team.

Early Sign-up discount available. Don't miss out on a great summer, limited spots available

Tournament Travel Team

Travel with the Coaching team to ITF, USTA and our annual tour to France to sharpen your approach to becoming a better competitor. Email us for more tournament and tour details.

Summer Camp
Entry Deadline
Prep Camps 2021
About Prep / Team Camps


Team themed camps are high energy and high intensity, participants are split in to two teams. Teams work and compete together against other teams under an assigned coach. Together players improving both process and team points for a camp prize, but mostly gain growth as competitors. Team prep camps are ideal for any player wanting to prep for key tournaments to peak at the right moment.

2021 Camp Schedule


15-19 March        -   Spring Camp

18-19 April           -   ITF Prep Camp

8-12 June             -   State Champs Prep Camp

5-6 September    -   National Prep Camp

3-4 October         -   National Prep Camp

14-15 November  -   Eddie Herr Prep Camp

12-13 December  -   Orange Bowl Prep Camp

Next Camp - Spring Camp
15-19 March 2021


Early sign up for camp, before March 6th will receive team shirt and cap for free. Sign up by clicking the button above, spots are limited by UTR and number of participants


Spring Camp is a week long Camp unlike the weekend camps and priced accordingly. Sign-ups must be available for the whole duration of camp.