Program & Coaching Services

Full Time Performance Taylor Made Training & Accommodation

NGTI provides full time players with an environment and create a culture where the player, the coach, the development councilor and the parent form an effective team where all involved has a specific part to play. We work closely with the player to provide individualized coaching, variety of training environment and ensure tactical growth. Enhance your training culture first with us and see how it will positively impact you in competition.  


Players in this program further more receive personalized tournament schedules, physical programs, individual mental and emotional growth sessions. Furthermore this program provides tournament assistance and travel. The full time peak performance program provides the player with everything they need to develop in all aspects of complete player development guided by their private development counselor (Personally Assigned Coach)  


Spots are limited and only available to peak performance minded competitors. We can assist players applying from out of town with accommodation and supervision if needed. The peak performance program creates an optimal training environment for only serious competitors.

  • Player to Coach / Development Councilor: 1:1

  • Training Themes: Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental & Emotional 

  • Development: Taylor Made to Player

  • Coach's Commitment: Full Time  

Group Training

The Group Training Sessions allow players to train daily in an environment with a healthy competitive and developmental culture providing a variety of players and practice themes.


Training themes cover the commonalities required by the modern game and focused on wholistic competitor development. Group enhances key areas of player tactical and stroke production and concludes with general fitness.

Acceptance to our groups require players to meet the NGTI standards of character and to embrace a team training culture.

  • Group Size: 8 Players Max

  • Training Themes: Tactical 

  • Development: Competitive Commonalities

  • Duration: 210 min

Private+Sparring Lessons

a Private lessons with a coach in your corner whilst hitting with a sparing partner. These sessions will help you to get individualized instruction with a focus on your personal needs in a live ball situation.


These sessions with high level specified and consistent sparing will allow the player to work on their own identity as a competitor under the guidance of our High Performance Coaches. The session allows the coach to zoom in on the player's needs for development.


NGTI coaches modern patterns of play, help you improve your tactical awareness and problem solving to ready you for competition.

  • Player to Coach Ratio: 1:1 

  • Training Themes: Tactical / Situational 

  • Development: Personal Needs

  • Duration: 60min / 90min


NGTI will provide you with variety of matches and competition to help assist you in shaping up as a complete competitor. 


Competition is a very necessary part of your development and must also be approached with a process in order to grow as a competitor. Our coaches will help you make sense of how to apply yourself best, how to become more effective and to how to better deal with the pressures of competition.

  • Singles and or Doubles

  • Format: UTR or Themed Matches

  • Duration: 120min


Private lessons with one of our coaches will help you to get individualized instruction based on your developmental needs.


We believe that every player must develop their own identity as a competitor based on their mental and physical attributes. 


Sessions will range in focus from modern technique for maximum efficiency of stroke production to biomechanics, footwork, weight-transfer and development of variety of skills.

  • Player to Coach Ratio: 1:1

  • Training Themes: Technical or Tactical 

  • Development: Personal Needs

  • Duration: 60min

 Private Lessons 
Duo Training Sessions

a Semi-private lessons set up with another player where the coach focusing on a common theme complimenting both players developmental needs. 


These sessions will help the player to get detailed instruction in an individualized setting through either a live ball or fed ball situation. 


These sessions allow flexibility as it allows for technical and or tactical themes in the way the structure allows. Players can here together with the coach decide on a theme and the cycle length for development. 


NGTI duo sessions are popular and proving very effective in assisting players with their needs in a small coach to player ratio in a focused and intense environment.

  • Player to Coach Ratio: 1:2

  • Training Themes: Technical or Tactical 

  • Development: Personal Needs

  • Duration: 90min

Tournament Travel

We actively travel with our player to USTA, ITF and Professional Tournaments to assist in their complete development. In order to be effective in our developmental assistance to our players we believe that seeing them under pressure will enhance the training process. 

Competition is a key part to complete player development and equally important in the developmental process for competitors.

At tournaments we assist players with pre and post match analysis together with warm up, training and mental / emotional support.

While traveling with our players they develop a better understanding of tactical application and how to become more efficient under pressure.

  • Player to Coach Ratio:1:1 / 1:2  /  1:4 Max

  • Themes: Tactical / Mental

  • Development: Personal Needs

  • Duration: Tournament Dependent

High Impact Groups

The High Impact Group training sessions provide a focused, disciplined and hard working training environment. Close player to coach ratio with a maximum of four players to one coach will  requires off players to be professional and train at the highest end of their controllable.  

Players in these groups must meet the UTR requirement together with maintaining the highest standards of Attitude, Effort, Intensity and Engagement during practice. 

High Impact Group training compliments stroke production together with a focus of enhancing the tactical development of the competitor.

  • Player to Coach Ratio: 4:1 Max

  • Training Themes: Tactical 

  • Development: Competitive Commonalities

  • Duration: 120min



Training Program

NGTI is a tennis training program whose mission is to help grow competitive players towards their maximum potential as athletes and individuals both on and off the court. Tennis is a fantastic sport for building character, at NGTI we shape our players to become complete competitors reflecting respect, hard work, mental toughness, resilience and the ability to problem-solve.

Our core tennis training program is built with the purpose of offering each of our junior players group and individual training options to select from. 

The afternoon training group offers training in a group context focused on the core skills and commonalities required by the game of tennis. The peak performance morning training group is for selected players that meets the NGTI hight performance requirements with tactical and physical development the main focus.

Each player is different in terms of personality, skills, background, physical attributes and developmental needs, this here is where our team of highly qualified and experience coaches offer individualized training sessions to help guide young aspiring competitors. 

Full time players in the NGTI Peak Performance Team are guided by their own personally assigned Development Counselor. Players together with their counselors develop and individualized and customized training plan that includes mental coaching, technical and tactical development training, fitness and injury prevention training and tournament assistance, travel and programming.

At NGTI we are about:

Tennis Players with Character, first and foremost:

in providing life and performance guidance, coaching and tournament travel to help our athletes grow under the guidance of an individually assigned development counselor.

Tennis Programs and Healthy Environments:

in providing both tennis group & individualized training options to select from or a full time option that covers physical, technical, tactical and most importantly mental & emotional training sessions.

Tennis Coaches, Parents and players as a team:

in providing guidance to tennis parents in functioning as a team together with player and coach to further enhance the tennis journey with a healthy development and progressive performance team approach.

If we are the right team for you, we'd love to be part of making your journey a successful one and help writing story of your tennis life...